Sauna and massage

Indulge yourself in pampering

For a pleasant relaxation after a demanding hill tour or after a busy week, you will be pampered at the Šenk’s homestead with a sauna and a massage. In the basement of our renovated usufruct house, we prepare Finnish or infrared sauna for you. Finnish sauna offers higher temperatures and makes your skin wonderfully soft and gentle with the help of a salt stone vaporizer. The infrared sauna is the right choice for anyone who is not comfortable with the high temperature, but still wants a sauna experience. It is also very suitable for anyone who is suffering from joint pain or had joint surgery. The cosy lounge has access to a wooden patio where you can enjoy the warm sunshine or the starry sky in the summer or feel the freshness of the new snow in winter. 

You can also pamper yourself with the miraculous hands of our masseur Luka, who will release your body and mind with skilful movements. Classic back or full body massage is available by appointment on our contact numbers or email.

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