Camping on the farm

For all nature lovers, we have reserved a space for placing tents on the beautiful lawn next to the ancient ash tree promenade. The space is sufficient for large or small tents. In dry weather, you can also drive to the meadow by car. In the inner courtyard of the camp, everyone with wheeled houses, mobile homes and caravans is welcome. There are 5 parking spaces for caravans.

Larch benches, drinking water troughs and stone fireplace all emphasize the feeling of familiarity that culminates in the thoughtful restored old oxen stable, where we have put kitchen, toilets facilities, washbasins and showers with hot water. Here, caravan owners can also refill their water supplies, dry their boots in the boiler room and cool their drinks in the fridge.

A special feature of our campsite are pets, which are partly free to move around the farm (chickens, ducks, cats and dogs) or they are inside their enclosures (cows, pigs, sheep) where the animals can be viewed. In the morning, you will be awakened by the cock-a-doodle-doo, and the crickets and the smell of freshly mown hay that dry in the lawn behind your tent will lull you to sleep. This experience will turn your vacation into a special story that you will carry for a long time in the cold autumn.

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