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On Šenk's homestead we strive to maintain the old traditional dishes that were prepared already by our grandmothers and are inextricably linked with the life on the farm, celebrations and changes of the seasons. We adapt the cuisine also according to the wishes of our guests and try to give old dishes new meaning.

»Masunjek« on homemade bread, buckwheat »žganci« with »ajmoht«, goulash with bread dumplings, sour milk, cold cuts, potatoes from the local fields and mint syrup are a permanent part of our offer, which is topped with »buhtlji« with homemade plum jam or »šmorn« with prune jam. We are promoting the baking of bread in the bread oven and we added to the menu also the so-called »posmodula« - rustic pizza. Its dough is spread with sour cream and sprinkled with greaves or local herbs.

A special place occupy dishes that are eaten on certain holidays. »Jezersko zos« for the carnival time, »bula« for Easter, »pohane šnite« on St. Florian's day, and, of course, crispy baked lamb, prepared on other more festive days, are an important culinary tradition of our home.

Buckwheat »žganci«
We prepare buckwheat »žganci« the Carinthian way: by burning them. This way they are really burned and not cooked and have particularly good taste. Of course we lard them with greaves and they taste best when paired with »ajmoht« or stew. The stew can be made of veal, sheep or poultry.

»Masunjek«, or properly Slovenian – »maslovnik«, is a typical shepherd's dish, made from sweet and sour cream and mixed with a little buckwheat flour. It is best eaten warm, spread on homemade bread, along with sour milk. Cream should be cooked until the butter is eliminated from the dish; hence its name (maslo=butter). It is best to use homemade cream taken from a large pot of sour milk.

»Buhtlji« with homemade plum jam

The old plum trees, growing in our orchard, bear plums for the best plum jam, which my grandmother used to cook. She was preparing it all day in a large black pan on a brick stove. Sometimes it came out so hard that you couldn't even cut it out of the jar. This kind of jam was then good only for making »buhtlji«. My grandmother slightly dissolved the jam in a small pan, in which she added a little hot water. For the warm dough to rise is was also necessary to have warm jam.

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