Šenk's homestead, with its clustered arrangement of eight buildings covered with wooden roofs, is an inimitable gem of Alpine architecture, founded by our ancestors more than 500 years ago. With love for the heritage of the ancestors, the homestead has preserved its original appearance, and the house, with its atypical grandeur for this area, is protected as a cultural monument of national importance and therefore subject to strict protection. We are aware of its inestimable value, which is why we are happy to preserve it and share its rich history with you.
The purpose of our environmental policy is primarily the reduction of air and water pollution, careful handling of waste, management of the ecosystem, protection of biological diversity and natural resources, wilderness and endangered species, and preservation of all the listed natural values for future generations.

Protection of fertile land for food production, protection of biological diversity and endangered species
As we preserve the architecture that was given to us, we are aware of the priceless importance of the environment that surrounds us and has enabled us to survive in this part of beautiful lake nature for 500 years. Throughout our history, we have maintained extensive farming and have now switched to certified organic farming, which preserves nature and enables its continued survival. It also enables the survival of further generations of Šenk's family, which has also been involved in tourism since 2010.

On the farm, we raise animals of Slovenian indigenous breeds to preserve the genetic material of animals that are already endangered due to their number, we are included in the ARK farms program. We breed cika cows, Jezersko-Solčava breed sheep, Krškopolje pigs and Styrian hens. All animals feel good in their living environment, as they can mostly graze freely, chickens everywhere, and the other animals in their pens. They are allowed to be released all year round, they always have access to clean drinking water, and we feed them appropriately according to their needs.
In farming, we do not use artificial fertilizers, sprays, or pesticides. All plant protection is carried out manually, with weeding and mulches. We use manure and compost for fertilizing. Everything grown on the farm is pesticide-free and has a high nutritional value. We use the vegetables and meat we fatten to prepare nutritious and high-quality meals for our guests, colleagues, and family members. We adapt the dishes to the seasonal capabilities of cultivation at 900 meters above sea level. We grow most of the food ourselves, we only buy the raw materials we lack.

Protecting the environment from waste packaging

We act responsibly when making the necessary purchases and buy most (whenever possible) raw materials as locally as possible and use as little redundant packaging as possible. We do not use packaging and single-use products, such as plastic utensils and straws. We put shampoos in liter packaging in the rooms, and all other hygiene items are added from larger packaging to use as little plastic as possible. We have waste bins installed in all rooms, and guests are asked to separate their waste and separate it during their stay in the designated containers between the two houses or bring it to the farm staff to distribute it accordingly.

Protection of natural resources (water and electricity)

We also inform our guests about all our ecological activities and remind them of the rational use of natural resources. Saving water and electricity are particularly important. For the rational consumption of water, we have installed appropriate valves on the faucets, which enable less water consumption, and we also encourage guests with a warning to use water rationally. We also remind you to turn off the lights when you leave the room and to close the radiators when you don't need heating. Wastewater is purified with the help of two small purification devices, in front of the kitchen we have a built-in oil trap, which cleans the oils from wastewater from the kitchen.

Saving fuel

For heating at Šenk's homestead, we use waste or less valuable wood from the local forest. We burn wood biomass (chips) on a central stove, from where we heat the entire property with the help of a hot water tank. Guests are reminded to use the heating rationally and to close the radiators if they are too warm. Saving valves are installed on all radiators, and we centrally regulate the heating to a suitable temperature according to the outside temperature and parts of the day (less at night, more during the day). Both accommodation facilities are well insulated and energy consumption is therefore lower.

Cooperation with the local community

The members of the Šenkova homestead participate in regular cleaning campaigns organized by the local community and thereby contribute to a cleaner environment in our municipality. We also take part in trainings and meetings organized on this topic by the municipal administration or companies dealing in this field.

The Šenk homestead team

Polona Virnik Karničar, owner of the farm

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