Turist farm Šenk´s homestead in Jezersko

Šenk homestead is the pearl of the Alpine architecture and typical nucleated rural settlement of the area. Here we find eight buildings; all roofed with wooden roofing in a layout designed more than 500 years ago. It was built after the big lake which was covering Jezersko valley disappeared in the 14th century. The engraved year 1521 above the door of the main building tells us of its age. Original buildings and architectural style have been preserved and the main house of the homestead is today protected under the national cultural heritage scheme. We are aware of its great value, and for the love of our ancestors we are going to protect it for the next generations and are happy to share its history with you today.

View from the yard includes all outbuildings of Šenk homestead except for the two buildings, but their absence gives space to the magnificent view of mighty walls of Grintovci. The layout of the present outbuildings has been preserved only their interior and inhabitants have changed through time and are today horses, sheep, chicken, ducks, cats and a dog.

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