Sheep salting experience with Drejc Karničar

On sheep salting experience, you will learn all about sheep breeding tradition in Jezersko. Drejc Karničar, the owner of the farm, mayor of Jezersko and experinced mountain rescuer will take you on a hike to Češka koča. On the pastures above, sheep graze in the summer. If you would want, you can offer the salt from your palm to the sheep. Before returning to the valley, you will have shepard's snack on the terrace of 120 years old Češka koča.

You can watch promo video on the link.

At 9:00 experienced guide Drejc will wait for you in front of the Šenk's homestead. Please wear comfortable mountain boots, clothes and anorak. Also, bring a snack and drink with you. From Šenk's homestead, the path leads you along Jenk and Kropivnik farms, to the theme path and into the forest, up to Štularjeva planina and further, along the rocky path, to Češka koča. On the way, Drejc will tell you about Jezersko alpine tradition and his own experiences with Češka koča, the importance of sheep breeding and Jezersko – Solčavska sheep. When you will find the flock, everybody can offer salt from the palm to our sheep. After that special moment, you will return to 120 years old beauty Češka koča, where the Shepard's snack will be served. Than you will return back to Šenk's homestead in the afternoon.

The hike will be organized once a week in summer time, presumably on Wednesdays or by prior arrangement.

Walk from Šenk's homestead to Češka koča
Trail length: 6,8 km
Estimated hike time: 2,5 h
Altitude difference: 640 m

PRICE PER CHILD (8 - 12 years): 32 EUR

Included in price:
- sheep salting with experienced guide,
- shepard's snack,
-free parking,


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