Cross-country skiing

Despite the low snowfall winters that have accompanied us in recent years, we still ensure you can taste at least a little bit of winter pleasure. At the winter-summer park, at the beginning of the thematic trail arrange an 850-meter running circle with artificial snow. The circle has a height difference of 30 meters and runs on uneven terrain. In addition to running, Jezersko Park also offers sledding and the rental of sledges. Read more about the offer on the link.

Cross-country skiing has a long tradition in Jezersko since the Jezersko inhabitants were cross-country skiing and held races long before alpine skiing. In fact, of all winter activities, we have the most suitable conditions and terrain for cross-country skiing, as with the right amount of snow you can run across all the meadows on the flat part of Zgornje Jezersko, from Planšar Lake to the end of the valley at the tourist farm Ancelj. Fifteen kilometres of carefully maintained trails in the valley of Ravenska Kočna have convinced and delighted many running gourmets in recent years. The terrains are suitable for all age categories and all types of cross-country skiers, from the youngest beginners to the skilled recreationists. 

At the Šenk’s homestead, we also offer rental of running equipment for classic and skate techniques equipment (boots, skis, poles). We have three kits for pre-school children and cross-country ski equipment available from boots numbers 29 - 47.

Price list:
-cross-country ski set for whole day: 18 €
-cross-country ski set for 3 hours: 15 €
-cross-country for children (whole day): 6 €
-cross-country skis for whole day: 9 €b
-cross-country poles for whole day: 6 €
-cross-country boots for whole day: 7 €

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