Šenk's homestead in Jezersko, which is surrounded by Kamnik – Savinja Alps on one side and with Karavanke mountain range on the other, is a real paradise for nature lovers and hikers. Here, all visitors can find something for themselves.

For families with small children, elderly people and anyone that is not a fan of longer hikes, there is theme trail through Ravenska kočna valley, equipped with info boards, tables and benches. The theme trail is also accessible with wheelchairs and strollers. It offers beautiful views to the mountain peaks. Peaceful, pleasant and not too steep roads also leads around the farms of Ravenska kočna, to the center of the village, up to the Old church of St. Oswald and from Jezersko pass to Ank Mountain.

For all the detailed descriptions of the strolls mentioned above, please visit link

All enthusiastic hikers, however, can choose from a range of different hiking options. For families and recreational hikers, there are numerous peaks from north and west of Jezersko. They offer shorter and less demanding trails that also takes you to the scenic peaks, just above the forest border. Each of the peaks offers a unique view. Goli vrh, Pristovški Storžič, Virnikov Grintovec and Veliki vrh can be reached on foot from Šenk’s homestead. Stegovnik and less known Kozji vrh are accessible from Spodnje Jezersko, a few minutes ride form our farm.

Detailed descriptions of the mentioned hikes can be found in link

The Kamnik – Savinja Alps offer even more options for easy, short hikes and longer, high – altitude tours. From all the tours mentioned bellow, you can start directly from our homestead. Češka koča – a 120 years old beauty on Spodnje Ravni, can be pleasant hike itself, of oly a stop on the way to Grintovec, Kočna and Dolg hrbet. On the neighbourhood slope, across Žrelo, stands Kranjska koča na Ledinah, which serves as a rest point for hikers to Skuta, Rinke and Velika Baba.

In both cottages, they offer drinks, traditional food and accommodation. They are also accessible to less experienced hikers. The peaks above them, however, require hikers with good equipment, excellent physical fitness and mountaineering experience. The routes are very difficult, sometimes exposed and equipped with steel cables.

You can read more about the difficult routes in link.

Another mountain, accessible from Jezersko is Storžič, a pyramid peak that rises above Preddvor. The starting point is in Spodnje Jezersko in the Dol – Podstoržič valley.

All the listed peaks are point of Jezersko mountain trail. If you are planning to visit them all, you can buy the booklet on Šenk’s homestead or in Tourist office.

For adrenaline – seeking experienced mountaineers, there is a secured climbing route – via ferrata, that also takes you to Češka koča. To climb ferrata, hikers need all the usual mountaineering equipment and self – protection ferrata set, which can be borrowed on our homestead.

More details about ferrata Češka koča is on the link. 

In winter, Jezersko also attracts hikers and touring skiers.  Some lower, forested peaks are safe for skiing right after the snowfall in real winter conditions. Goli vrh is one of the most popular, because it is one of the safest from avalanches, because it is overgrown with forest. For the steepest and more exposed slopes, the best season is in spring.

In the right winter conditions, two waterfalls, that can be climbed are formed bellow Češka koča – Vikijeva sveča and Sinji slap.


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