Like in a fairy tale. The nature is beautiful,the owners are kind and smiling. The accomodation is pretty, comfortable, the food is great ,delicious .,........ Everything was so good!
Katalin, Hungary, 13.9.2020

Thank you very much for beautiful stay. We loved this place and definitely we will come back and recommend this place to all our friends who will plan to travel to Slovenia. Thank you! <3
Lukas, Martina, Veronika, Elli, 19.7.2020

Thank you for the nice dinner and perfect room. Congratulationsfor all the great restoration work.
Andrea & Chiere, Italy, 21.6.2020

Magnificent location with amazing views. Breakfast is very delicious full of home eco products prepared with love. Very friendly staff always keen to help with useful advices for hiking.The perfect holidays!
Romana, Slovenia, 19.6.2020

Wonderful stay, we really enjoyed the house, wellness, food, animals and beauty! We will come back one day we hope! Thank you! 
Julie, Eva, Marie, Maja, Astrid, Denmark, 23.2.2020

This is a little paradise! Thank you for the pleasant stay here. 
Merel & Lolkie, Netherlands, 15.9.2019

We arrived in your beautiful country with no expectations whatsoever. And leave after 5 days with the most wondferful memories. The 4 children, from the age 5 to the 15 years old and the 4 adults will remember this part of our holiday for years to come. The kids loved the farm animals , all 15 species that they found and were sorry to have to leave them. The forrests; the grasslands; the mountains; the surroundings; villages; what a place to call "home". 
And to you as our hosts, all we can say is thank your for being such special people. My first word I sais as we drove onto the farm "wow" and my last word on leaving was "wow + wow" again. 
We all promise to promote your "farm" to all our friends in Israel in the hope that they can share our experience. We hope to visit you again on day. 

Adi, Ofri, Aliya, Sivan, Ayala, Lyn, Jariv, Hillel, Israel, 22.8.2019

HVALA!!! Our stay in your amazing farm with suck a gorgeous view on the mountain and the magnificent nautre around was really unforgettable! You are a loving family with warm heart for visitors... Congratulations for your wonderful place. It is really like heaven od Earth! 
Isabelle, Belgium, 30.6.2019

Pure magic - thank you for allowing us to see! 
Zach & Caitlin, 12.5.2019

We never forget our little family adventure to the nice hut in the mountains. 
Arjan, Ilse, Fenn & Evelin, 3.8.2018

Backpacking Europe with friends from college. We are from states. I am from Florida and these are my first mountains. They are so beautiful! Thank you for for beautiful campsite. Also I really like those sheep and birds. 
Unknown author, 2.8.2018

 The perfect holidays!
- stuning views,
- amazing landscape, 
- comfortable, perfect apartment GANK,
- friendly owners,
- hungry Archi, 
- other cute animals, 
- lonely peaks, 
- bench at the church,
- soft - ice machine by the lake,
- Union & Laško are two best friends...
... see you in summer 2019!!!

Loved the sweet farm animals. There were lambs, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats. My little ones were so thrilled. We had to literally pull them away to go to bed.
Jennifer, USA, 20.4.2019

Dear Polona and Drejc! 
Thank you very much for all your hospitality. We had a great time here and loved all your fram, food and animals - especially our guide dog - Archie walking us to Češka koča.
Danuta, Mirja, 1.6.2018

Beautiful days at the farm! Thank you soo much! Danke! 
Sebastian, Stefanie & Knut, 30.3.2018

One of the best old houses that I have visited. Congratulations!
Faruk, Kosovo, 18.11.2017

We found paradise! Thank you for making it real. 
Fred, Adelina, France, 5.8.2017

The lesson I take from here is that the best way to live is with respect for the nature and with love and tolerance. 
Wes, Australia, 4.6.2017

Wauuuu, what a beautiful hidden valley you have! You are rich. 
Anders, Denmark, 28.3.2017

Šenkova domačija was our first stop in Slovenia and what an amazing discovery! We can hardly imagine how it could be better than this. The hospitality, the scenery, the food, the animals! Thank you for two beautiful days.
Lin and Jens from Belgium, 14.9.2016

Top experience was spending the night on the hay. So idyllic to be in this place surrounded by beautiful nature where all animals and people live in perfect harmony.
Ana in David from Ljubljana, Slovenia, 10.9.2016

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and helping us with pronouncing Slovenian. This is a beautiful location and Anita was wonderful.
PS: Build more guest rooms and the guests will come!

Linda and Joe Coates from Colorado, USA, 2.9.2016

Everything we could write down would be a repeat of all the writings before us. But we can say: »It's all true. It’s a really very nice place, beautiful surroundings, good food, nice and friendly people. That's what we need on holidays! Thank you for everything!
Family Groetjes from Leffinge, Belgium, 5.8.2016

Dear Polona and Drejc!
It's a really wonderful place you have in the lovely Ravenska Kočna and we enjoyed our stay very much. You're truly friendly and welcoming people and we're definitely going to come back next year. And by the way, now that we know the way to your fridge, you have a problem J Thank you for a wonderful time.

Leini, Castl and Markus from Germany, 25.7.2016

Dear family!
We arrived in the cloudy fall, enjoyed the fresh spring, are leaving in the hot summer and all of this in only six days! We really enjoyed this great place, your hospitality and the hiking tips. Thanks! We have to come back to also enjoy the white winter here with the kids.

Quirien and Mariska from Holland, 21.7.2016

Lovely place for spending time near the mountains. It was an incredible morning with the animals and nature. Thank you for that.
Anna and Petr, Češka, 20.7.2016

Thank you very much for a lovely stay. The room was amazing, the view incredible and sauna – what a luxury! And your ginger cat is my new best friend. I really hope to stay here again soon.
Julia and George, Great Britain, 24.2.2016

Thank you for a most wonderful stay. We enjoyed every bit of it – the fantastic view of the mountains, the animals, the nice apartment and your hospitality. All the best!

Heike, Christian, Katrine, Louise from Denmark, 17.7.2015

Thank you for saving us from the cold day drenching rain on our bike journey. Your hospitality and apartment were incredible.
Carol form Australia and Lukas from Germany, 28.6.2015

Thank you for the amazing stay! It was amazing: the food, accommodation, view. See you again soon!
Christine, Belgium, 5.6.2015

We hope you have many years of hosting guest in your friendly tourist farm with its spectacular views. Good food, fresh mountain air, nice hikes. We hope to see you again.
Daniel and Nadine from Massachusetts, USA, 16.7.2014

Dear Polona and Drejc!
What a place full of life! We enjoyed every minute. The beautiful apartment, the great farm with all the lovely animals, the breath taking view from the balcony and last but not least, your kindness and the smile on everyone's faces here! Thank you so much! Hopefully we come back some time.

Family Moen form Haarlem, the Netherlands, 10.7.2014

Dear Polona and Drejc!
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We had a fantastic time on your farm. Our only regret is that we did not spend more time here. Best of luck for your ongoing renovations. We know they will be a success!

Ying and Michael, Australia, 29.5.2014

You are beautiful people in the most beautiful place on earth. Nothing can fail! Even though, good luck! You deserve it. Thank you for making us feels better than at home! See you next time. Hvala lepa!
Nahuel, from Spain, 10.3.2014

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